Verbal ping-pong of the sisterly kind.


True Story

Lil'est Sis is turning into a girly-girl. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

LS had plans yesterday to play frisbee golf at a new park. Keep in mind that it's late April, so local temps are hitting low 90's.

All of a sudden, Ma hears, "Ow! [Some manner of expletive]". Ma runs over to the bathroom to see Lil'est Sis rubbing her eye and muttering.

LS was curling her eyelashes. To go play frisbee golf. In 90 degree heat.

...And she pinched her eyeball.

Holy shit. and I thought ma was Queen of the Beauty Products. Couldn't stop laughing.

From Punk Princess to Girly Girl? I wonder how fast it's going to take her to regret the tattoos...

...not that she neccessarily will, just that she got them awfully fast after her 18th.